Fortuna AMC
is the Public

Relations agency for boutique asset managers. With strong journalistic links to the media, it enhances the reputation of its clients through audio,
video and written communications.

In a media landscape 

dominated by

 larger companies 

we offer smaller asset managers a bespoke, reliable, 

cost-effective service to ensure they also get their voices heard.


We have a low cost/high value business model tailored to suit those smaller boutique asset management businesses who seek to build a positive reputation with their audiences.



Interview with Guendalina Bolis,
Inversis Gestion

Guendalina Bolis of Inversis Gestion provides an overview of the International Advisory Board for Fund Selection.


Mapfre Behavioural Fund

Michael Morosi and Luis Garcia of MAPFRE AM share their views on behavioural economics


Conditional Quarterly Autocall - Issue 5

Dasale Mallawa-Arachi of Hilbert Investment Solutions outlines Hilbert's latest structured product.



MAPFRE AM and GSI launch
Global Social Impact Fund

  • The fund's first aim is to raise 50 million euros

  • The vehicle will invest in short and medium-term debt from companies in sub-Saharan Africa and emerging countries

  • Santa Comba (GSI shareholder group) and MAPFRE are making the initial capital contribution, and MAPFRE AM will act as an investment advisor


Brooks Macdonald Founder Jon Gumpel to Join Edinburgh Based Fund Manager Aubrey Capital Management

Aubrey Capital Management is delighted to announce that Jon Gumpel will join as a Director and Fund Manager (today) on 1st July 2020.  Gumpel was one of Brooks Macdonald’s four original founders in 1991. 


MAPFRE commits to private equity with an investment of up to 250 million euros

•    It is creating a fund of funds with                    Abante and Altamar to bring together            the investments of all of the Group's              companies in this sector 

•    It will apply a conservative strategy in            line with MAPFRE's investment policy

•    It opens up the possibility for more                institutional investors to participate                thanks to a co-investment model

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