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Boutiques entering the crypto club

The Fortuna team is finding that boutique asset managers have started to take crypto or, rather, ‘digital assets’ more seriously throughout the first quarter of 2024. This should come as little surprise given advancements in global regulatory changes such as the Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs in the USA – which has already seen the likes of Blackrock, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, and VanECK bringing crypto strategies to the market. 
However, with planned industry events such as Bitcoin’s Halving in April, which is designed to reduce the supply of BTC against a backdrop of sustained demand that will undoubtedly drive the price up, many investors might wonder how a boutique or specialist manager can enter the VIP lounge when they are fashionably late to the party.  
Well, one of Fortuna’s clients, Value Partners Group, a leading Asia asset management company (and the first to be quoted on the HKSE), has found its way to the red carpet following a strategic partnership with Venture Smart Financial Holdings (VSFG), which holds a similar title as Hong Kong’s first Securities and Futures Commission approved virtual asset manager to spearhead the development of Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong. 
Through this exciting team-up, Value Partners is now the frontrunner in a race to become the first company in Asia to launch a Bitcoin product. Fortuna is supporting this effort, which could provide Hong Kong investors with exposure to the world’s largest digital asset by ensuring the world knows about it – and we can't wait to take on the challenge.
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