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Fortuna Asset Management Video

Fortuna Asset Management Video (AMV), offers asset management clients and external parties competitive video production services, including filming, bespoke video editing and audio production. 

The video team works with clients on short-term and long-term initiatives to help industry participants tell their stories through the medium of video. Fortuna offers standalone video packages and video/media relations combination packages to suit all budgets, including remote filming solutions to cater for clients outside of London. 


You can find a few examples of our video production work below. If you’re interested in working together, please get in touch with Sam (Director of Media Relations and Video) using the following details:


Sam Shelton

Tel: +44 (0)7540 336998

Russia, Ukraine and Other Geopolitical Issues (With General Sir Nick Carter)

Russia, Ukraine and Other Geopolitical Issues (With General Sir Nick Carter)

In this special episode of the Money Maze Podcast, we are extraordinarily fortunate to have General Sir Nick Carter talk to us. If the world was already becoming more fractured, divided, uncertain and worrisome, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made that landscape vastly more troubled. Sir Nick has sat at the top table of global military and security issues both real and strategised, fathoming these complexities, and begins with a detailed evaluation of the current Ukraine war. Sir Nick offers his insights into the background and future of this situation, and then moves onto the wider geopolitical landscape, with insights on China, cyber, threats to democracy, the evolving nature of war and the implications of increased conflict on the financial markets. A tour de force! Subscribe to stay up to date with our interviews! TOPICS: 0:00 – Intro 1:50 – Sir Nick Carter’s Background 4:00 – The Russian Danger 8:32 – Ukraine War Analysis 14:55 – Russian & Ukrainian Military Morale 16:30 – Western Response & Strategy 18:23 – Impact of the Ukraine War on NATO 23:00 – China Overview 26:25 – Decision Making Under Pressure 28:43 – UK Advantages in a Hostile World 30:40 – Closing Questions SPONSORS: - Schroders is a global investment and wealth manager, with a purpose to provide excellent investment performance to clients, through active investment management. Find out more: - Bremont is an award winning British company that produces beautifully engineered chronometers, designed to appeal to those who share the passion and appreciation of the innovation and mastery behind a beautiful mechanical wristwatch. Find out more: - LiveTrade, from Bordeaux Index, is an innovative new platform which allows you to instantly buy and sell - or place bids and offers on - key wines from around the world. Find out more: - Mintus allows you to 'own to unownable' via its FCA authorised and regulated fractionalised art investment platform. Find out more: #Russia #Ukraine #conflict #warfare #podcast #politics #geopolitics #internationalrelations #russia #ukraine #warfare #cyberwarfare #investingtips #globaltrends #discussion #wisdom
Interview with Guendalina Bolis


Fortuna Asset Management Communications Ltd is a public relations company. The information below is provided to Fortuna AMC by its clients to enable it to inform professional journalists in the financial services media, to research, develop, and publish articles for their publications, websites and other social media.

None of the material below – whether in written or broadcast form - should in any way be regarded as an offer, or invitation, to buy or sell financial instruments. Neither Fortuna AMC, nor its clients seek to do this, nor do they give investment advice or guidance. All information is correct at the time of publication.

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