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Why Inclusion? Ep.4: How overlooking disabled workforces could cost you

PODCAST: Mapfre Inversion's chief economist, Alberto Matellán, discusses the benefits of investing in companies that integrate disabled workforce.

Disability is seldom talked about in the asset management industry, and rarely brought forward as a means of adding financial value.

In this new episode of Why Inclusion?, guest Alberto Matellán, who is chief economist at Spanish-based boutique Mapfre Inversion, discusses the benefits of empowering disabled workforces.

He delves into the investment philosophy of the firm’s equity fund Inclusión Responsable, which he helped conceptualise in 2018 to invest in companies that create enabling environments for their disabled workforce.

The candid conversation also tackles issues of data transparency, and it switches the premise according to when a disabled person is not able to fit into a given environment. Rather, it calls into question how a given environment can shift from disabling to enabling those who have a handicap.


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