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Altum Faithful Investing has launched Altum Explorer, a professional web-based platform enabling investors to apply a faith-based filter to decide to what extent companies, in which they are considering investing, enter in conflict with Catholic teaching.

In addition to the usual financial metrics employed by asset managers, Altum Explorer can seek out individual companies as well as sectors and perform analysis against levels of non-compliance, to facilitate the risk management and asset selection process against the four pillars of the Altum Investment Guidelines, including: Promotion of Human Dignity, Promotion of Life, Promotion of Family, and Care and Protection of Creation.

Explorer offers coverage of more than 3,200 constituent companies across most key global equity indices – such as MSCI World, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, FTSE 100, DAX, CAC 40

Using Altum Explorer, investors and asset managers can build investment portfolios for their clients coherent with their Christian beliefs. The platform provides company factsheets containing data and information on:

  • Company description, including location of headquarters, areas of business expertise and activities, industry classification

  • Compliant Alternatives: the platform provides compliant alternatives to non-compliant companies

  • Visual mapping of non-compliance by pillar

  • Detailed description of the non-compliances recorded

  • Company and industry peer regulatory penalties relating to corporate misconduct

  • Detailed description of each non-compliance incurred by a company: It is important to highlight that unlike some ESG providers in the market, Altum has a “Full Transparency Approach”; that means evidence is available to users of Altum Explorer of each single incidence of non-compliance with its investment guidelines

The pillars adhere to teachings of the Catholic Church, especially from the teaching from the last three Popes, with St John Paul II on life and family, Benedict XVI on human dignity and Pope Francis regarding the care and protection of creation. Metrics from the Altum Catholic Values European Index indicate that implementation of such principles do not imply a sacrifice in performance, but rather generate more shareholder value over time (Index details are available at:

Altum has worked with Tableau, the data visualisation solutions provider, to develop the platform for the institutional market. This delivers the bespoke user experience to identify and follow companies that meet Altum Investment Guidelines.

Notes to Editors

About Altum Explorer

As Altum Explorer targets institutional/professional investors, interested entities should contact Altum’s commercial department on, to schedule a live on-line demo.

Sections within the Altum Explorer platform include:

  • Altum Company Explorer provides a thorough company review covering the following fields:

 Company description

 Incompliance summary

 Compliant alternatives

 Benchmark vs peers

 Detailed incompliance description

 Penalty Summary describing the penalty history of companies throughout time as well as classification by offense.

  • Altum Filter provides the ability to search and filter companies by equity index, geography, industry, market capitalization, and compliance/incompliances

  • Altum Portfolio Viewer facilitates global insights of defined portfolios. Where demand exists, Altum can add companies to the Altum Investment Universe. The Viewer enables snapshots of:

 Exposure to incidents of non-compliance

 Identification of companies ranked by levels of non-compliance

 Levels of non-compliance per each of the four pillars

 Flagging of both compliant and non-compliant companies

 Visual mapping of the geographic distribution of portfolio holdings and GICS distribution

 Visual mapping of portfolio distribution by market capitalization and levels of non-compliance

 Data on numbers of securities issuers by exposure to non-compliance, including breakdown by subcategory of non-compliance.

  • Altum Portfolio Manager facilitates comparisons between different portfolios, depending on holdings and relevant exposures to levels of non-compliance.

About Altum Faithful Investing

Altum is a faith-based financial advisory firm whose investment philosophy – its approach to investing - is aligned to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The firm offers consultancy and financial management services to religious institutions, foundations, civil entities and family offices that have a Catholic sensitivity around the management of financial assets.

Its aim is to help ensure client’s wealth is managed professionally and with consistency, so that their client’s investments do not enter in conflict with their Catholic beliefs.

Altum is the first investment advisory firm anywhere in the world to obtain the Social Enterprise Mark accreditation.

You can discover more about Altum from their website:

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