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We are Fortuna Asset Management Communications Ltd

We are experienced in asset management

Our expertise is communications

In a media landscape dominated by larger companies we offer smaller asset managers a bespoke, reliable, cost-effective service to ensure they also get their voices heard.

We have a low cost/high value business model tailored to suit those smaller boutique asset management businesses who seek to build a positive reputation with their audiences.


Fortuna AMV provides top-tier video production services for asset management clients and external partners. They specialize in filming, tailored video editing, and audio production. The team collaborates on both short and long-term projects, assisting clients in showcasing their narratives through video content. Offering customizable video packages and combined media relations options, Fortuna accommodates diverse budgets. Their services extend to remote filming solutions for clients located beyond London.

Guendalina Bolis of Inversis Gestion provides an overview of the International Advisory Board for Fund Selection.


In this video, Norman Ho, Senior Investment Director at the Hong Kong-based investment management firm Value Partners, talks to WealthDFM about the historic and growing importance of dividends and why he feels the Asia ex-Japan region can provide opportunities for Wealth Managers in the West.

The Fortuna team interviewed Jonathan Boyar, the Principal Advisor of the MAPFRE AM US Forgotten Value Fund, before his speech at the London Value Investor Conference.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Edward Glyn, Head of Global Markets at Calastone, discusses some of the most intriguing findings from our recent research into automation in the global investment management industry. 


Sean Peche, Portfolio Manager at Ranmore Fund Management:

"I admit to having been historically rather sceptical of PR, but after only 2 months, Sam and Jonathan have exceeded our expectations beyond my wildest dreams."


March 2024


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