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William Higgons of Indépendance et Expansionjoins the Group of Boutique Asset Managers

One of France’s best-known asset managers, William Higgons, who runs the Indépendance et Expansion funds, has joined the Group of Boutique Asset Managers (GBAM).

Higgons achieved his success as manager of his small/mid cap Indépendance et Expansion France Small fund, which has achieved an annualised return of +12.7% and a cumulative return of +2,450% since its launch in 1993, making this one of the industry’s longest and top performing track records. More recently, in 2018, Indépendance et Expansion AM launched its Europe Small fund.

Higgons joined GBAM - a group of specialist boutique asset management firms who share the objective of strengthening their presence in international markets - with a view to extending his firm’s reach throughout Europe.

Higgons said this week, “We are delighted to have been invited to join the Group of Boutique Asset Managers. It is an exclusive international fund management network which is committed to sharing ideas and insights among its Membership, as well as supporting specialist active managers. This is just the sort of forum that will be helpful to us while we can offer our experiences and insights to the Membership.

GBAM chairman Tim Warrington said, “We are delighted to welcome William and his firm into the GBAM group. He has an impressive record in the French market, and I am sure he will add further knowledge and perspective to our internationally diverse group. We look forward to sharing our experiences and making the case for boutique managers.”


About Indépendance et Expansion AM

Indépendance et Expansion AM is an entrepreneurial management company that has been recognized for the past 28 years for its expertise in investing in small and medium-sized listed companies. Indépendance et Expansion AM has stood out by implementing a rigorous investment strategy based on long-term investments in companies with low valuation and that have shown their ability to invest in a profitable and sustainable way in their growth.

The investment process has been implemented steadily for the past 28 years without interruption, which allows Indépendance et Expansion AM to display one of the longest and top performing track records in Europe. This methodology follows the founding principles of ‘value’ investment and was enriched by the assessment of the quality of the results generated by the companies.

The team is led by William Higgons, who has managed the Indépendance et Expansion fund since 1992 without interruption. The team has grown over the years, maintaining its dynamic mindset, and its entrepreneurial spirit.

The Group of Boutique Asset Managers

The Group of Boutique Asset Managers is a network of senior executives who run independent specialist asset management firms. It is, primarily, a global network of like-minded, independent managers who have come together to improve their presence in international marketplaces.

The Group was established at Abadia Retuerta, Valladolid, Spain, on the 5th of April 2013. The Group has come together to improve their presence of their businesses in their respective marketplaces. They do so by sharing information and promoting their presence both individually and collectively to potential investors. GBAM is a private company limited by guarantee.

The principal activities of the GBAM are:

· To foster cooperation among member firms

· To identify best practice and shared experience in all aspects of asset management (research portfolio management, risk control, marketing etc)

· To improve understanding of operating in international markets

· To support members by highlighting their expertise in their chosen fields

· By providing a representative voice in the media


John Morgan,

Company Secretary,

Group of Boutique Asset Managers Ltd

Tel: +44 (0)1372 274041

Issued By:

Sam Shelton,

Senior Communications Manager

Tel: 07540 336998


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