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MAPFRE AM ESG FUNDS bring in 62m euros despite extreme market volatility

MAPFRE AM the asset management arm of Spain's largest insurance company has announced that its range of ESG funds has so far brought in a total of 62 million Euros this year, despite extreme volatility in the markets caused by the global pandemic.

The funds, MAPFRE Inclusión Responsable, MAPFRE Good Governance, and MAPFRE Capital Responsable have each outperformed their benchmarks this year, including MAPFRE Compromiso Sanitario a new fund backed by the Madrid local government to help in the fight against the Coronavirus.

ESG enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the performance of MAPFRE's funds is monitored not only in terms of relative performance but also in terms of the contribution they make to MAPFRE's ESG objectives. For example, the MAPFRE Good Governance fund had a positive 0.99% growth during the first five months of the year, compared with a 9.37% decline of its benchmark Stoxx Global TMI index. While MAPFRE assessed each company's governance carefully using its proprietary ESG methodology.

Since 24th February, the fund has fallen by 5.16%, compared to a 13.38% decline of the index. And thanks to a surge in momentum last week, it now has a positive balance of over 5%.

MAPFRE AM CEO Álvaro Anguita said "I am convinced that investments with ESG criteria, with which we not only seek financial return but are also helping to improve society in some way, will come out of this crisis stronger. You only need to look at how they have performed during these months of extreme market volatility to understand that an increasing number of clients are relying on these types of products."

Notes to Editors:

MAPFRE AM is the group's asset management company in Spain. Its investment philosophy combines the creation of long-term value with wealth protection. Its main areas of expertise are in European equities, fixed income and asset allocation.

MAPFRE is a global insurer with a presence in the five continents. It is the largest Spanish insurer in the world, the third-largest insurance group in Latin America and is in the Top 10 in Europe by volume of premiums.


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