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Former JPM manager sets up own investment firm

J.P. Morgan manager Marcel Borelli has left the banking giant to set up his own investment firm.

Borelli was a private bank director of fixed income manager and solutions research for JPM.

The new company, Farview, is a global multi-strategy investment entity aimed at sophisticated institutional investors seeking diversification.

Farview’s investment philosophy is to deliver consistent risk adjusted returns over the long term with independence.

Borelli said: “I’ve very much enjoyed being part of a great business at JPM but the time has come to move on and build an independent, employee-owned investment firm positioned to scale diversification for investors who seek to avoid single manager risk.

“We will do that by decreasing complexity, improving portfolio liquidity and providing direct access to our research.”

Borelli will remain in London as lead investment adviser to Farview – the ultimate decision maker.

The Sao Paulo (Brazil) based locally firm will be managed by Paulo del Priore. The firm is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil.

He has recently returned to Brazil following an eight-year stint in London. Colleen Myron, ex-Fauchier Partners, is also joining the team as a senior partner in Brazil.

Farview managing director Paulo del Priore said: “Marcel is a manager selector of international repute, with a strong track record and huge experience.

“We employ the same disciplined investment process and will utilise an experienced investment team that has long served institutional clients.”

The team has built a track record in manager selection and investment across similar multi-manager strategies. That includes responsibilities for a global investment platform with over $100bn (£87bn) in assets (multi-managers/UCITS).

Farview is 100% owned by its employees.

By Jean-Baptiste Andrieux 8th September 2022 9:52 am


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