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Aubrey Capital Management launches Europe ex-UK fund with Smith and Williamson

Edinburgh privately-owned asset management firm Aubrey Capital Management has launched a Europe Ex-UK onshore fund with administrator Smith and Williamson to cater for demand from UK retail and institutional investors for a wholly European strategy.

The SVS Aubrey European Ex-UK fund is domiciled in the UK. It invests in equities of companies listed on the stock exchanges of European countries (excluding the UK). It is a high conviction strategy that aims to provide long term capital growth by focusing on cash generative growth stocks with sound balance sheets and strong ESG credentials.

Aubrey's founding partner Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn will manage the fund. Sharon has managed Aubrey's European strategy since its inception in 2008. She is also the head of research, lead manager on two Luxembourg quoted European SICAVs, and the chair of Aubrey’s Sustainability Committee.

Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn, said, "The European economic recovery is now properly underway. We have launched the new fund to offer UK investors access to our market leading European Conviction Fund, minus the UK stocks, which are typically held in separate accounts. Europe is an advanced economy with innovative, leading edge companies which currently have an added tailwind of economic recovery supporting their sales and earnings growth. The new fund comprises a concentrated portfolio of companies with Return on Equity, Earnings Per Share and Cash Return on Assets greater than 15%, which typically have little or no debt."

"We are seeing astounding levels of innovation within ecommerce, digital services, and the green energy transition", said Bentley-Hamlyn.

The strategy has outperformed its benchmark, the MSCI Daily Net TR Europe index, returning 132.0% vs 52.8% over the last five years to end June 2021.

Notes to editors

1. About the SVS Aubrey European Ex-UK fund

The fund is available in the following share classes:

I. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund A Accumulation Shares EUR [ISIN: GB00BNDMHG84]

II. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund A Accumulation Shares GBP [ISIN: GB00BNDMHF77]

III. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund A Accumulation Shares USD [ISIN: GB00BNDMHH91]

IV. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund B Accumulation Shares EUR [ISIN: GB00BNDMHK21]

V. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund B Accumulation Shares GBP [ISIN: GB00BNDMHJ16]

VI. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund B Accumulation Shares USD [ISIN: GB00BNDMHL38]

VII. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund I Accumulation Shares EUR [ISIN: GB00BNDMHN51]

VIII. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund I Accumulation Shares GBP [ISIN: GB00BNDMHM45]

IX. SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK Fund I Accumulation Shares USD [ISIN: GB00BNDMHP75]

2. About Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn

Sharon is a founding partner of Aubrey Capital Management, having joined the firm in 2006. She has been responsible for Aubrey's European strategy since inception in 2008 and is head of research and lead manager on two Luxembourg quoted European SICAVs.

Formerly she was with Walter Scott & Partners from 1992 to 2006, from 2001 as a main Board Director. There she had a global remit following extensive research experience into the major markets of the world: the UK and Europe (including emerging Europe), the USA and Far East. However, Sharon's multi-lingual abilities, particularly in French and Italian, led to a strong interest in European markets. For almost a decade she held primary responsibility for the firm's European stock selection and for the firm's regional European assignments, either fully discretionary or with client-specific parameters. In addition, Sharon helped develop the firm's institutional fund management business and managed several publicly quoted SICAVs.

Sharon is a graduate of Bristol University and has an MBA from Edinburgh University. She started her financial career with Crédit Commercial de France as an analyst in its Mergers & Acquisitions division, having originally trained as an opera singer in the 1980s.

Sharon was awarded Highly Commended Fund Manager of the Year (small to medium firms) in Investment Week’s Women in Investment Awards 2020; and Top 30 female fund managers in the world in Citywire Selector’s Alpha Female 2020 report.

3. About Aubrey Capital Management

About Aubrey Capital Management

Aubrey is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and has an integrated ESG evaluation in the investment process. The company’s Luxembourg based Société d'investissement à Capital Variable (SICAVs), are currently in the process of becoming recognised as Article 8 under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

Aubrey Capital Management Ltd is a specialist investment manager with a focus on long-only high conviction equity funds. Founded in 2006 and incorporated in Edinburgh, Scotland, Aubrey is a privately-owned company with all its shareholders actively involved in managing the business. The Aubrey team has collective investment experience of over 120 years in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets, and an impressive track record.

Compliance Notes

This press release is specifically provided for use by media representatives in the UK. This document has been issued by Aubrey Capital Management Limited, which is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

You should be aware that the regulatory regime applicable in the UK may well be different in your home jurisdiction.

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