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Allfunds’ reinforces digital offering with the launch of three tools to enhance distributor and fund

Allfunds, Europe´s largest fund distribution platform, continues its wealthtech evolution by making available three digital solutions focused on improving fund manager and distributor productivity and access to market intelligence.

The three new wealthtech tools are launching under the following names:

  • Digital On-boarding for Fund Houses

  • Telemetrics 2.0

  • Allfunds Connect Marketplace

All three are now available through the Allfunds Connect Digital Platform (“Allfunds Connect”). The concept of Allfunds Connect is a digital platform where users can access innovative digital solutions including digital on-boarding to the Allfunds platform, data analytics, and a universe of over 220,000 funds, providing a true marketplace of digital distribution tools for fund houses and distributors. The launch of Allfunds Connect is a key piece of the digital strategy of Allfunds in its move to be the best provider of wealthtech solutions for its clients and the wealth management ecosystem. These three products are the first of many digital tools Allfunds has in the pipeline that will be made available in the coming months through Allfunds Connect.

With the launch of Connect, Allfunds is transforming the way it interacts with its clients with higher quality technology and personalisation. The aim is to create greater economies of scale and efficiency for clients by connecting all processes whilst utilising the best wealthtech expertise currently available.

The first solution, ‘Digital Onboarding for Fund Houses’enables fund managers, anywhere in the world, to make their funds available to over 625 distributors in 45 countries in less than 24 hours, all through one single global distribution agreement. The benefits to fund houses include transparent account segregation, updated client & sub-distributors lists, aggregation of orders & payments, KYC/AML checks, collection and dissemination of legal and marketing documents, corporate action checks and allocation at a client level, and much more.

‘Telemetrics 2.0’is an enhanced version of the tool launched in 2018 which provides fund houses the market intelligence to grow flows with existing and new clients. New functionalities include: a fully configurable interface, a full view of Allfunds’ clients, daily data updates, as well as the ability to screen information by different time periods. All this is in addition to the previous functionality of detailed data by client breakdown, client flows, AUM, region, funds, assets and flows. Telemetrics is one of the most powerful data analytic tools available to fund houses on the market, allowing fund houses to track sales and compare the market performance with overall market trends.

Telemetrics data is powered by Allfunds new ‘Data Lake’. By putting data into a cloud based computing environment, where powerful algorithms can be used to integrate information from various sources, insights are delivered in fractions of seconds.

The third tool, ‘Allfunds Connect Marketplace’opens up a catalogue of 220,000 fund classes to fund selectors and advisers with a new front end design enabling users to create fund listings and access information on each fund, not only from Allfunds’ catalogue, but also from other sources such as Morningstar and Citywire. This new Marketplace from Allfunds aims to be the best tool in the market for selectors and investment fund advisors.

Juan Alcaraz, CEO of Allfunds, said,

“In wishing to be at the forefront of innovative technologies, we are putting in place three tools that are the first of many which will drive the firm’s digital transformation. In doing so they will provide greater efficiencies to improve the profitability of fund and wealth managers. We are therefore enhancing our offering with the most innovative technology, front-office digital solutions, big data and tools that help our clients lead the change that is taking place in the funds sector.”

Notes to Editors:

About Allfunds:

Allfunds Bank Group offers integrated fund solutions (operational, analysis and information). Created in 2000, today Allfunds Bank has more than €370 billion assets under administration and offersmore than 77,000 funds from over 1,476 fund houses. Allfunds Bank Group has a local presence in Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Chile, Colombia and Brazil and has 627 institutional clients, including major commercial banks, private banks, insurance companies, fund managers, international brokers, and specialist firms from 45 different countries.

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