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Azvalor’s coffee mornings - a hit with investors

Azvalor’s August 2018 quarterly report highlights the success of the firm’s open mornings where investors can informally meet the manager who looks after their savings. As a committed value manager, the firm aims to educate its investors in the benefits of long term patient investing and so also highlights the success of its student initiative at Complutense University in Madrid where 70 students met leading Spanish value managers at a special conference with a further 300 checking in via video stream.

The firm’s quarterly report also notes that on the day of Facebook’s crash all of the world’s listed uranium companies (including integrated miners) are worth less than what Facebook lost that day and this, in spite of producing the raw material of 10% of the world’s power. It’s the sort of situation value managers, such as Azvalor investigate to see if they can find value from such situations.

You can read Azvalor’s quarterly newsletter here: Quarterly letter August

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