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QUAERO CAPITAL renames its Luxembourg SICAV funds

QUAERO CAPITAL has changed the name of its Luxembourg SICAV ‘Argos Funds’ to ‘Quaero Capital Funds (Lux)’.

The name change has been implemented to provide investors with clarity by bringing consistency across its fund range following the rebranding of the firm in 2015 from “Argos Investment Managers” to “Quaero Capital S.A.”

The fund range’s investment strategies and features, such as liquidity, fees, ISIN codes, minimum investment, available share classes, tax considerations will remain unchanged.

Jean Keller QUAERO CAPITAL CEO said,

“I am delighted to announce that we have changed the name of our Luxembourg SICAV funds to Quaero Capital Funds (Lux). We have implemented this change as the final part of our rebranding initiative. ‘Quaero’ – the Latin word for ‘I research’ or ‘I seek’ - is consistent with our commitment to offer a range of actively managed, high-conviction funds based on a commitment to fundamental research and original thinking.”

Notes to Editors


QUAERO CAPITAL is an independent, specialist fund management firm which brings together independently minded investment managers who use original research to provide highly actively managed strategies for clients in the institutional and wholesale markets. QUAERO CAPITAL was founded in 2005 in Geneva as “Argos Investment Managers S.A." It is a 100% employee-owned company with its founding partners taking an active role in its investment processes. QUAERO CAPITAL is a team of 44 individuals including 24 experienced investors who enjoy working in an investment focused environment. It offers a range of high conviction investment strategies spread across 13 Luxembourg UCTIS funds, one Luxembourg SIF, one Swiss regulated fund and one French regulated fund. If you would like more information, please go to

2. Names of the sub-Funds of the Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) SICAV

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - Argonaut

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - Smaller European Companies

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - European Equities Long-Short

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - Bamboo

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - International Equities

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - Global Dynamic

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - Global Balanced

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - Global Conservative

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - Infrastructure Securities

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - World Opportunities

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) - Yield Opportunities

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) – New Europe

Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) – Accessible Clean Energy

For more information please contact:

Sam Shelton

Fortuna Asset Management Communications

Tel: +44 (0) 07540336998


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