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Brooks Macdonald Founder Jon Gumpel to Join Edinburgh Based Fund Manager Aubrey Capital Management

Aubrey Capital Management is delighted to announce that Jon Gumpel will join as a Director and Fund Manager (today) on 1st July 2020. Gumpel was one of Brooks Macdonald’s four original founders in 1991. He saw the business through twenty-eight years of growth and a public listing in 2005, leaving in October 2019 when the company was managing £13billion of assets.

Gumpel initiated and led Brooks Macdonald’s strategy of working closely with UK intermediaries and latterly managed the successful Defensive Capital Fund, which by the time of his departure, had grown to £700m and consistently provided among the most attractive risk adjusted returns in the sector and won a number of awards including the 2019 Lipper award for the absolute return sector.

Aubrey Founder, Andrew Dalrymple, said of Gumpel’s appointment “We are very pleased to welcome Jon to Aubrey where we feel his fund management skills and experience providing investment services to intermediaries will add significantly to Aubrey’s offering, benefiting our clients and the firm alike”.

Jon Gumpel said “I have known Aubrey for a number of years and have been consistently impressed by their investment approach. Their equity performance over the last three years and importantly in the year to date has been simply stunning. I look forward to working with a genuinely nice group of people and to adding value for the business.”

Notes to editors

1. About Aubrey Capital Management

Aubrey Capital Management Ltd is a specialist investment manager with a focus on global conviction funds. Founded in 2006 and incorporated in Edinburgh, Scotland, Aubrey is a privately held company with all its shareholders actively involved in managing the business. The Aubrey team has collective investment experience of over 120 years in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets, and an impressive track record of managing similar global funds in the past.

Aubrey Capital Management has been running Emerging Market, Global and European long-only equity products since 2006, and currently manages c. $1billion for institutional clients, intermediaries, and private clients. Aubrey Capital Management has established a reputation for delivering excellent returns as the table below shows:

2. Compliance Notes

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