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Aubrey Capital Management launches AIM Model Portfolio Service on Ascentric Platform

Edinburgh investment manager Aubrey Capital Management has launched an AIM Model Portfolio Service (AIM MPS) in partnership with Ascentric, the Bath-based platform provider. The new proposition will sit alongside Aubrey’s bespoke and MPS offerings on the platform. John James, Portfolio Manager, says the AIM service will expand on the same building blocks as Aubrey’s successful institutional equity strategies, based on identifying companies with low debt, strong balance sheets and high cash flow, supporting their ability to grow sustainably. Aubrey expects this approach will help it avoid the more overcrowded areas of the AIM market, whilst giving access to growing businesses. The bespoke option will be particularly useful for advisors with larger clients who, for example, may need more specific management of CGT considerations.

Jay Younger, Aubrey Analyst, commented “The AIM market is home to many interesting growth companies, including those in areas such as cloud communication, gaming services and cyber security, that we believe will benefit from accelerating change brought about by the current crisis”

Justin Blower, Head of Sales at Ascentric said “It is extremely positive that Aubrey Capital Management has chosen to launch its AIM service exclusively with Ascentric. By leveraging our unique dealing capability this proposition can disrupt the market both in terms of its price and choice of a model portfolio service or a bespoke offering that can be tailored to specific needs, all based on-platform.”

Notes to editors

  1. About Aubrey Capital Management

Aubrey is a focused equity growth manager with existing AIM exposure and in-house research capability, managing equity funds and institutional mandates in pan-European, global and emerging markets equities. Its adviser services benefit from access to that in-house expertise.

2. About the Aubrey AIM Model Portfolio Service:

The AIM portfolios will be concentrated, holding 20 to 30 high conviction names. The expected annual management fee for the new service will be 0.3% (plus VAT) for the MPS and 0.7% (plus VAT) for the bespoke service, along with Ascentric’s platform charge.


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