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De-carbonising portfolios

HSBC Global Asset Management has joined other top fund houses now evolving products aimed at tapping into the opportunities that carbon management offers both corporates and investors.

The firm has launched two funds which are set to mitigate against climate change: The HSBC GIF Global Lower Carbon Equity fund and the HSBC GIF Global Lower Carbon Bond fund. The new funds aim to address climate-related investment risk using composite carbon data to structure portfolios with a lower carbon footprint than their respective benchmarks. Carbon intensity will be cut by more than half of the reference MSCI World Net USD index, by reducing the holdings of securities with the highest greenhouse gas emissions. The funds invest in developed market equities worldwide.

Recent research for HSBC has found that 68% of institutional investors are planning to increase their low carbon investments in the year ahead, up 4.3% on last year. Climate change was estimated to erode returns by 0.82 percent per year for developed equities.

Fortuna AMC has specialist expertise in assessing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues affecting investors, and how to address and communicate the risks and opportunities they present. If you would like to know more, please contact

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