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Quaero Capital re-names its Family Enterprise Fund

Geneva-based Quaero Capital has re-named its ‘Argos Funds - Family Enterprise’ fund as the ‘Argos Funds - Smaller European Companies’ fund to better reflect its investment universe.

Fund managers, Marc St John Webb and Philip Best said the management philosophy will remain the same, as they continue to invest in European listed smaller family-owned companies with a Value-based, bottom-up fundamental approach.

Investing in listed family-owned companies has increasingly become a core focus for all the funds run by the Quaero Smaller Companies team, with over 50% of the assets of the Argonaut and Swiss funds currently invested in family-owned companies.

In addition to the name change, the Fund will also offer daily liquidity (from weekly beforehand) and with a 10-day notice period for redemptions.

CEO Jean Keller said: “The fund has grown significantly in the past year, and the name change is simply to more accurately reflect the manager’s investment universe, bringing further clarity for fund selectors and end investors.”

European equity markets consolidated in June with a 2.7% fall in the Stoxx 600 index. The Smaller European Companies fund proved a little more resistant, with a slight dip in June, but a rise of 7.0% in the Second Quarter and a rise of 19.8% since the beginning of the year. This is well ahead of both the smaller company benchmark (Euromoney +9.4%) and the larger companies index (Stoxx 600 +5.0%).


Notes to Editors

About Quaero Capital

Quaero Capital is an independent, specialist fund management firm which brings together independently minded investment managers who use original research to provide highly actively managed strategies for clients in the institutional and wholesale markets. Quaero Capital was founded in 2005 in Geneva as “Argos Investment Managers S.A." It is a 100% employee-owned company with its founding partners taking an active role in its investment processes.

The firm is a team of 32 individuals including 16 experienced investors who enjoy working in an investment focused environment. Quaero Capital is regulated by the FINMA, the Swiss Financial Markets Authority. It offers a range of high conviction investment strategies spread across 12 funds in two Luxembourg SICAVs (a Part I-UCITS and a Part II).

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