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Fortuna in the Community

Fortuna AMC also brings public relations and communications capacities to non-financial sector clients, particularly those active in local communities across the UK. 

The company is keen to support such organisations as they bring benefits to the local community making a contribution to community development and cohesion.


Ashtead Independents are registered with the Electoral Commission to enable them to be identified and use a logo. Their Constitution and Rules make clear each vote independently with no whip.​

Ashtead Independents recognises the history and current needs of Ashtead and seek to continue to work for Ashtead, for the village and its residents, and to promote and seek, with the assistance of an apolitical Ashtead Resident’s Association, the election of suitable Councillors at each Council election to ensure that Ashtead has a distinct voice and representation at all suitable Council levels.


Ashtead Independents engage with local issues only.


The Members, including elected Councillors, are free to assess matters and interpret policies as they see fit, and are totally independent. 


To learn more about Ashtead Independents please click HERE

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