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La Financière Responsable adds Vinci to its portfolio

French ESG asset manager La Financière Responsable (LFR) has added the French utilities firm Vinci to its portfolios.

Uniquely in its sector, the group has combined two businesses with real complementarity: cyclical construction activity, and concession activity characterized by its stability, ensure the durability of Vinci’s international development. In addition, the synergy allows Vinci to be more competitive. Its volume cost strategy is clear.

Regarding its ESG communication, LFR said Vinci has provided complete reports that classify it as "Good Performer" according to LFR’s SRI categorisation. LFR recently carried out a thorough investigation following accusations by the activist Sherpa association of violation of human rights within the Qatari subsidiary of the group.

LFR met with the various parties involved. In view of the discontinuation of the Nanterre Public Prosecution office action, and following its analysis, La Financière Responsable considered that Vinci could be selected for the fund portfolio.

However, it has sent the group a letter seeking further commitment during the year to report various improvements in the living conditions of the staff of Vinci subcontractors in Qatar.

La Financière Responsable is a specialist ESG asset manager with an award-winning approach to integrating financial and extra financial analysis. Investors and analysts are sometimes unsure as to what constitutes extra financial information, and how it should be interpreted. Drawing from its Ecosocial Footprint (Empreinte Ecosociale®) database, LFR is publishing a series of Blogs showing how selected ESG indicators are defined, what they represent and how they are interpreted. LFR is also ready to engage with interested parties on any aspect of this analysis.

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