May 16, 2018

Supported by its booming demographics and propelled by the powerful growth locomotives of China and India, Asia has for 30 years undergone an unprecedented economic and social transformation, which has made it the real heavyweight of the world. Investors generally have not yet realized the scale of the phenomenon, but it is now time to give the region the place it deserves in investment portfolios...

Value investors are returning to Greece, hopeful that if improving macro economic conditions persist, the coming year will prove a major boost to Greek small cap stocks.

Uncertainties certainly persist: the government has still to agree a post-bailout strategy with the Troika of lenders (made up of the International Monetary Fund, The European Commission and the European Central Bank). There is an...

October 23, 2017

The Infrastructure Securities strategy run by QUAERO CAPITAL portfolio manager Mark Ebert has changed its benchmark. In March, the portfolio manager re-positioned the Real Assets portfolio to focus exclusively on infrastructure securities, the sector which had always been the driver of the Real Assets portfolio.  The name was changed, and now infrastructure securities comprises 98.5% of the strate...

October 17, 2017

After a strong start in the first quarter of the year, European stock markets have been consolidating but the core holdings of the QUAERO CAPITAL Smaller European Companies strategy continue to benefit from economic growth across the region.

Small cap stocks have coped with the strengthening Euro but further gains may start to have a negative impact on the competitive position of European exporting...

September 12, 2017

Factory automation, pharmacy and the retail sector are three areas already undergoing fundamental, structural changes from the growing pressures of disruptive innovation (DI) across markets and geographies, according to Quaero Capital investment manager Eurof Uppington.

“We think Disruptive Innovation is taking thematic investing to the next level,” he explains. “We want to invest in enablers and b...

August 24, 2017

Quaero Capital’s Yield Opportunities strategy benefitted from exposure to some European assets over the past month. Exposure to European construction, to French and Italian banks, and to emerging discretionary was a positive factor, while the auto sector impact, in particular, proved negative.

European bank perpetuals had a strong performance, while long UK Gilts, medium and long sovereigns in CNH,...

August 18, 2017

Monthly commentary By Fund manager Andrew Dalrymple, Aubrey Capital Management Ltd 

The outperformance of Aubrey Capital Management’s £36 million Global Conviction Fund over the past few weeks proves the power of active management, according to investment manager Andrew Dalrymple.

The strategy rose by 6.5% in the month to the end of July, eclipsing an ‘uninspiring’ 0.9% rise in the MSCI (GBP) World...

August 11, 2017

Quaero Capital’s recently re-named Infrastructure strategy, refocused from a wider Real Assets mandate, is now entirely concentrated on infrastructure stocks, with just a 3% cash provision.

The largest exposures are toll roads and tunnels (17%), diversified infrastructure companies (16%), and rail & bus (16%). Rail & bus, agricultural infrastructure and communications towers stocks were largely unc...

July 31, 2017

Returns from Quaero Capital’s Infrastructure Securities strategy have taken off after the manager backed Europe’s outperforming airports.

The Airports sector was up by over 10% in the last month. Spanish operator Aena was up 11%, and is up 30% year to date (YTD). There may be further upside due to the excellent prospects for capacity growth which is expected to continue at a 9% annual rate for the...

July 31, 2017

By the Quaero Capital European Smaller Companies team.

Recovery in southern Europe’s markets and stronger performance by manufacturing exporters have delivered for Quaero Capital’s value-driven European Smaller Companies strategy in recent months.

Corporate confidence indicators have continued to improve across Europe as the fears of political risk have given way to the resurgence of the political m...

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